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The city gate from the late Bronze period (1550-1100)BC which marked by the Egyptian rule of Canaan.

A large grain silo. steps on either side of the interior, one set for descending, the other for ascending.

The southern stabels could accommodate 150 horses.

The water system built by Omri or Ahab C9 BC. Consists of shaft 30 m deep and tunnel 70 m long in order to bring the water from out side the city.

Bible refrence
1 Kings 4:7-8, Meggido was one of twelve district governors of King Solomon over all Israel.
1 Kings 9:15 One of the three cities fortified by King Solomon.
2 kings 9:27 Ahaziah king of Judah died in Megiddo.
2 kings 23:29-30 pharaoh Neco the king of Egypt defeating and killing Josiah of Judah at Megiddo.
Zecharia 12:11 predicted "on that day the weeping in Jerusalem will be great, like the weeping of Haddad Rimmon in the plain of Megiddo".
Revelation 16:16 Armageddon in hebrew Har Megeddon which means the mountain of Megiddo which has become the symbol of battle to end all wars.